Source: NDBC

Data source description:
Use this page to download recent (last 45 days) or historical (varying record lengths) wind data from the National Data Buoy Center and convert to GNOME readable format. To find the station ID for a location of interest, visit the NDBC website.

NDBC station ID:

Recent Data

Time period:

Download data in GNOME format or as a stick plot showing the latest wind data. Note: if no recent data is available for the selected buoy, resulting files will be empty.

Choose time zone for output:

Historical data

Look for aggregation of historical data on NDBC THREDDS server and return file containing all data for the selected buoy. Note: although the filename will reflect the start and end times for the data downloaded, the time series may contain long gaps due to sensor issues. Visit the NDBC station page to determine data availability.

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