Operational GNOME

GNOME (General NOAA Operational Modeling Environment) is the modeling tool developed and used by the Office of Response and Restoration's (OR&R) Emergency Response Division to predict the possible route, or trajectory, a pollutant, such as oil, might follow in a body of water.

Use the link above to download GNOME and set up your own spill scenario.


The GNOME Online Oceanographic Data Server (GOODS) provides access to a variety of data in a format that can be easily loaded into GNOME. Ocean current and wind data and forecasts from numerous sources are available. GOODS also includes a map generator tool that can be used to make a GNOME basemap.

Use the link above to access GNOME compatible data and forecasts through GOODS.

WebGNOME - Preview

NOTE: This version is under active development. While we are making it available for the public to test and evaluate, it may not be functioning or stable at any given time. We do our best to keep it up and running, but it should not be counted on for any operational use.

The next version of GNOME is under development as a Web-based system, while being integrated with ADIOS (Automated Data Inquiry for Oil Spills): an oil weathering model that predicts how different types of oil undergo physical changes in the marine environment. The coupled model system now available for testing as a web-based application.